Child Protection

In order to protect the children in our care, we have developed a child protection policy that covers: training, police checks for coaches, officials with mandatory notification training, player transport etc.
Child Protection Policy Morialta Document.pdf
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Team Selection Policy

This policy outlines how players are placed in teams at the beginning of each season.
Team Selection Policy_2.pdf
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Codes of Behaviour

At Morialta we believe that it is important to play in a fair manner at all times. The attached Codes of Behaviour Policies describe what is expected from all players, parents and officials. All players, parents and officials are asked to carefully read and abide by these policies.
Player Code_of_Conduct Morialta_1.pdf
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Parent and Spectator Code_of_Conduct Morialta_1.pdf
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Officials Code_of_Conduct Morialta_1.pdf
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Complaints Policy

If you have a complaint against a member of the club, please follow the policy outlined below.
Complaints Officer 2019:  Di Hughes

Proxy Complaints Officer 2019:
  Katie Dansie
0403 161 385
Complaints Policy.pdf
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Court Time

All parents and players are asked to read this policy regarding court time.
Court Time Policy.pdf
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