SUMMER Coaches 2020/2021

A Team - Jude Johnson - Development NetballSA and Level 2 CANA
B Team - Sandy Barker - Level 2 CANA
C Team - Jude Johnson - Development NetballSA and Level 2 CANA
U17 (1) - Mike King - Development NetballSA
U17 (2) - Ian Parker
U15 (1) - Dave Forster
U15 (2) - Keren Faulkner/Matt Harrison
U15 (3) - Cathy Piper
U15 (4) - Ian Parker
U15 (5) - Tori Davidson
U13 (1) - Claire Creighton
U13 (2) - Sara Fotheringham
U13 (3) - Tayla Michalanney - Foundation NetballSA
U13 (4) - Joanna Caon
U13 (5) - Amelia Tremonte
U11 (1) - Sonia Clarke
U11 (2) - Tammy Harrington/Trent Launer
U11 (3) - Bryn Liepins - Foundation NetballSA
U11 (4) - Kim Sexton
U11 (5) - Jo Lydeamore
U11 (6) - Carly Allegretto
U9 (1) - Peta Thompson
U9 (2) - Kylie Pedler - Foundation NetballSA
U8 (1) - Dan Pryor

Development Squad - Kelly Cole - Development NetballSA


This section will be updated to include useful drills. Please send drills (in any format) that you want to share to the club email. They will be saved and uploaded as a PDF.
Following the links below for some good drills.
Try some of these drills  Nettyheads:
  • Pass and Go
  • Z Drill
  • Netball Partner Ball Work Variation
  • Netball drills footwork figure 8s
The following videos are good drills for a range of age groups:
  • Around the hexagon
  • Weave and shoot
  • Lateral shuttles
  • Double plays
  • Propeller cut and lead
  • Intersecting triangles
  • Hourglass movement - pairs
  • The Interceptor
  • Straight-line Movement Race
You need to sign up, but can get planty for free each month.
Have a look at these Shared Netball Sessions.
click to download
click to download
click to download
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click to download
click to download
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Good video based drills
3 good free drills for various levels - probably U11 and above
Excellent video based resources with lots of drills and comments.
Great examples for players to watch.
Norma Plummer is an international coach and these are some fantastic drills.
Suitable for all levels.
Skills drills 5.pdf
click to download
Skills drills 6.pdf
click to download
Skills Drills Clinic 3.pdf
click to download
Skills drills clinic 4.pdf
click to download
Skills drills for juniors.pdf
click to download
Here are some good ideas, categorised for easy searching.
Great fitness drills for a team or individual fitness programme.
Try these drills for higher level teams:
  • Sprint, Crossover, Sprint, Shuffle, Sprint
  • Agility Square
The Netball Coach has some free drills that are linked to court play:
  • Kelsey Browne's Split and Hit
The Australian Institute of Sport offers free certified coaching courses for community clubs. Coaches are encouraged to complete the course below. Click the red link above to register.
  • Introductory Level Officiating General Principles
  • Community Coaching General Principles
  • PBTR - Child Protection
  • etc.

Thinker Drill

Double Split and Re-offer Drill

Ladder Agility Drills

Compass Agility Drill