Committee Members

The Morialta Committee consists of the Minister OR Chairperson of the Morialta Congregation (appointed by the Church Council) as President, three confirmed members of the Morialta Uniting Church (one of which must be the Chairperson) and six additional members in a variety of roles. The committee is elected at the club AGM each year.
President - Bruce Ind (Church Member, Chairperson of Morialta Council)
Chairperson - Jude Johnson (Life Member, Church Member)
Secretary - Sandy Barker (Life Member, Church Member)
Assist. Secretary - Lee Tremonte
Treasurer - Phil Johnson
General Members
Katie Dansie (Church Member, Child Safety Officer, Proxy Complaints Officer 2019)
Di Hughes
Carol Cooper
Karyn Leicester
Players' Representative - Tayla Michalanney
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Wellbeing Officer.pdf
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Life Members

Sally White
Bill Markwick (dec)
Heather Vincent
Graham Vincent
Gwenda Dansie (dec)
Neil Dansie
Amy Brebner
Chris Murdoch
Ray Clogg
Rusty Palmer (dec)
Helen Kreig
Jude Johnson
Sandy Barker
Katie Dansie
Mary Johnson
Newest Life Member - Mary Johnson, pictured with Aizure Clarke

Umpire Coordinator

Sandy Barker

Selections Sub-Committee

Sandy Barker
Carol Cooper
Katie Dansie
Di Hughes
Jude Johnson

Sponsorship and Marketing Sub-Committee

David Dall
Tim Dansie
David Fotheringham
Sam Ion
Phil Johnson
Paul Kitching
Rajesh Singh
Greg Vincent

Digital Marketing Coordinator
Emily Johnson