We acknowledge current players in the club that have completed 5, 10 or 15 years playing Winter netball for Morialta.
(If you think your name has been missed from this list please contact Jude Johnson for your player history.)

15 Year

Hayley Johnson
Emily Dansie
Emily Johnson
Kate Johnson

10 Year

Helen Stephenson
Lucy Johnson
Anna Finster
Erin Buckingham
Records updated to include Winter 2019

A1 Team 2019

15 Year Players - Kate Johnson, Emily Johnson, Emily Dansie & Hayley Johnson
10 Year Player - Helen Stephenson
5 Year Player - Nicole Conaghan (nee Hann)
with Sophie Moore, Charlotte Sexton, Lucy Pittman & Maddy Kurpita

5 Year

Aizure Clarke
Olivia Reynolds
Mackenzie Barnes
Maggie Kraft
Mia Pamula
Holly Creighton
Lucy Townsend
Madison Harrex
Cassandra Masters
Holly Fiedler
Adele Parkin
Paige Lawton
Imogen Longmire
Alice Ryan
Morgan Dale
Katherine Cole
Eliza Cornish
Tayla Michalanney
Brooke Michalanney
Tara Grove
Susanna Bentick
Holly Dale
Emily Kerry
Amelia Pudney
Ava Kitching
Chloe Venning
Jaime Woore
Annie Bui
Nicole Conaghan (Nee Hann)
Ena Winter
Abby Collins
Lauren Adler
Kayla Symonds
Drew Yandell
Georgia Black
Sophie Dansie
Ashleigh Green
Brianna Pamula
Amelia Tremonte
Sophia Adler