Umpiring at Morialta

As a growing club we are always looking for umpires. For each home game during Winter we require 2 umpires.

Morialta supports the development of young umpires by providing mentors where possible. If you are 13 years OR over and interested in umpiring, please contact the club via the Contact Us link on the Home page to discuss how you can earn some extra pocket money umpiring for the club.
The button above takes you to a "live" umpire roster which reflects any changes to the schedule (marked in red). You can visit this link at any time to check where you are umpiring each week. Make sure you look at all three locations.

The 6 C's of Umpiring

  • Confidence
  • Consistency
  • Control
  • Concentration
  • Communication
  • Common Sense

What Does an Umpire Need?

1. Knowledge and Understanding of the Rules
  • Be familiar with the Official Rules of Umpiring
  • Read the Official Rules of Umpiring
  • Understand the Rules
  • Learn how to apply the Rules - take all opportunities to practice umpiring

2. Dress

  • White Skirt (shorts for men) and white shirt
  • Good netball shoes
  • Presentation is vital! Look like an umpire and the players will treat you look like an umpire
  • Neat and tidy at all times

3. Equipment

  • Whistle (good quality – ‘ACME Thunderer’ whistle is the most popular)
  • Indicator - Elastic Band, Hair Band or Ring
  • Official Rules of Umpiring Book (carrying with you when you are umpiring if possible)

4. Voice

  • Confident
  • Loud (ensure all players on court can hear you)
  • Clear and simple instructions
  • Remain calm

Morialta Senior Umpires

Senior umpires are available to provide mentoring and feedback to junior umpires. Please contact the umpire coordinator, Sandy Barker, to discuss opportunities for support.

Umpire Coordinator

Sandy Barker - 0419 865 095

Junior Umpire Mentor

Graham Vincent

Graded Umpires

A Grade
Sandy Barker
Graham Vincent

B Grade
Jude Johnson
Sue Stephenson

C Grade
Emily Johnson
Paige Cowles
Eliza Cornish
Rachael Gibson
Alice Ryan
Jessie Aldridge
Daniel Barker

Morialta Umpire Development Programme

The Umpire Development Programme is designed for all umpires under the age of 18 and any adult umpire that chooses to be involved.

It is a structured non-threatening programme that seeks to improve umpiring standards at Morialta through support, feedback and practical assessment.

Download the programme and rewards details below and start your umpiring journey today OR contact Sandy Barker for a hard copy.
Umpire Development Program Morialta_1.pdf
click to download

Junior Umpiring Guide - download below

Junior Umpiring at Morialta - Issue 4.pdf
click to download

New Netball Rules

Rule Book

All players and umpires should be familiar with the rules of netball. Get you rule book today by clicking on the button below.

Introductory Level Officiating Principles

This is a good online course to complete to learn more about the importance of dealing with people in community organisations.

Online Umpires Exam

Try out your umpiring skills by clicking on the link below.

Online Umpires Exam NZ

Try out the New Zealand umpires exam. All the same rules, just a variation on the type of question asked.

Umpiring Clinic

Click on the link below to find out about SAUCNA Umpire Clinics in 2016.